Tag After School Pro Mod
You like horror and mystery? This is one of the games that you can try.

Set in an old school building that is no longer in use. You play as a man who explores the entire building in the middle of the night. there are lots of unexpected surprises waiting for you. It will definitely be fun if you play it at night alone.

This application is a guide for playing tag after school game. contains a lot of ways - the best and fastest way to complete all missions. Coupled with some light games that can make you more comfortable opening the application.
If you are a fan of horror and mystery games, support this Tag After school mod guide app.
The horror and mystery game Tag After School has a background in a school building that has been uninhabited for a long time, that is, it has become an empty school building. As a player, you will use a flashlight with limited batteries to explore an uninhabited school building at night.
Later, while exploring the school building which is horrifying and full of mystery, you as a player will find scary spooky ghosts. If you love gifts then you can use this guide app to help you know about Tag After School mod. Enjoy
This is not an application tag after school, this is just a guide, contains complete information. and fun light games.